Yoga connects the mind and body, it improves flexibility, co-ordination, strength and promotes body awareness. Mindfulness is about being aware of ones thought process and learning how to regulate emotions, through being in the present moment, by learning new and effective techniques.

I started this journey in 2018, after working in the Government sector for 12 years. My passion for working with children and young adults, life experience and drive, lead me to bring YOUTH YOGA to life. I have always viewed life like the waves in the ocean, we have up’s and we have downs, often we can feel so overwhelmed by what is happening around us, we begin to tread water. Our experiences and emotions are so similar, always changing and evolving. Youth Yoga is about giving our young children and young adults, tools for their mental tool belt, to have options when the waves get to big. It is about empowering them to have choices, rather than thinking there is no way out.

Since 2018, I have already taught over 4000 students about breathing, expressing feelings, thought processes, moving their bodies in different ways, empathy, kindness, respect, focus, concentration, stillness and more. My classes are a mixture of high energy activities, important conversations, listening to the views of the group and flowing with the energy of the group, for maximum benefit. The classes are not run like traditional adult classes; they are very fun, active and are packed with lots of activities to reinforce the themes we discuss.

Located in the heart of South Auckland and I am so proud to have brought my programme to so many schools. The positive feedback from students, teachers, parents and social workers has been very humbling.

I am a certified Rainbow Yoga Teacher, having completed my training in Melbourne, through “Rainbow Yoga” and I am also a mentor within Rainbow Yoga to assist other teachers to thrive and succeed.  100hrs with Teen Yoga for Mental Health via The Teen Yoga Foundation in the UK as well as 108hrs in Yoga Philosophy, Hatha Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Gyan and Karma Yoga. 

I hold a degree in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Auckland and work as a self-healing coach in the conscious and sub-conscious mind as well as a Reiki Master.

I have been a co-author in an amazing inspiring booked called “Heart Centered Leadership” with inspiring advice and sharing life’s lessons to inspire other heart centered businesses and “Letters to my Son”. Our book was fortunate to make it to Hollywood in 2022 and was presented at the Oscars to a number of famous celebrities! I am in the process of contributing to another amazing book to be published in 2022 called “letters to my son”.  

I have recently joined the amazing team at Papakura Yoga Centre, which is super exciting as well as joining the committe at NZ Spirit Festival as a co-creator in the new teen zone.  

I have an amazing husband and two beautiful boys, who help me to grow, as I look at the world through their eyes, which helps me connect with all the wonderful children I teach. One of my strongest strengths is empathy and the ability to relate without judgement, but with the intention to hold space for those who need it.