Corporate Workshops are a great way to bring colleagues together and strengthen bonds between team members. These workshops are not taught in the traditional sense, they are a mixture of fun activities to reinforce themes throughout the workshop. Themes can range from learning about our emotions , recognizing differences within each person, understanding how people tick, mindfulness tips to use in any aspect of your life, trust and self care. Each workshop is catered to meet the needs of the group, so a discussion would be arranged prior to the workshop. Here is some of the feedback, I received after holding a 2 hour workshop:

Did this for a team building and it was amazing. Learned so much about our mind and body in a fun packed session. Great team bonding, highly recommended.”

“Thank you for sharing your talent with us. We all had a fantastic time and left feeling so much better that when we walked in. Fun was definitely had by all. Would recommend this.”

I was quite nervous coming in and didn’t know what to expect. The way you presented the workshop, put me at ease and I love the way you teach, using so many different methods to keep everyone engaged and having loads of fun. I would highly recommend this workshop for team building and learning skills to use in the workplace, but also on a personal level”

Luzette, I cant thank you enough! After our workshop, I went home and shared what I had learnt with my husband. He had been going through a rough patch, he wasn’t sure how to process his feelings in regards to a particular situation. I sat with him and relayed, what I had learnt in your workshop and he got it! He was able to use these tools to help him! What a gift to be able to share this with my family as well”

The yoga workshop was amazing. Learning things that could help slow my thinking down was helpful. Luzette was an amazing facilitator. She was engaging with the group and used music to keep things fun. I would recommend this for other teams”.

“The yoga was so enjoyable and relaxing. I really appreciated the small acts that enabled us to position ourselves to be grounded and loved what you said about sitting with our emotions. I will try to practice that more often and also enjoyed the different yoga techniques that you showed us. I know that this will benefit the kids and they will view yoga from another aspect. Thank you for being open with us and making it a fun session”

“Luzette’s  Yoga  workshop taught me when you practice your breathing in the right way it helps me to relax and helps me to sleep better. I found I have more energy and have brighter moods and also assisted me hugely to manage my anxiety through breathing. This workshop has also taught me when I am stress-free I am able to connect well with my mahi and do things I do with supportive team/family members and the community . Also one step towards my PD goal”

I found this workshop extremely beneficial. Luzette was so bubbly and energizing that I felt comfortable and included by her straight away. The activities were fun and achievable. Thank you for a lovely training”

Corporate Workshop Options:

  • 1 hour workshop $300.00 excluding GST
  • 2 hour workshop $500.00 excluding GST
  • 1 hour workshop with a 3 week break, followed by the final workshop after this time period (For this option, homework is assigned to team members for accountability of their own self care practice at work and at home).
  • Cost of workshop includes, teaching fee, travel, all yoga mats and props provided, pack down.

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