Thank you for purchasing a pack of my Yoga Affirmation Cards. Youth Yoga Ltd is a self funded company, so your purchase contributes to obtaining new resources, for all students undertaking my programme.


The cards were designed to create a physical and mental connection, to help with focus, balance and to install a positive spin on life.  There is more empowerment that comes with using a positive affirmation and when you pair the affirmation with a physical pose, it activates parts of the body, encouraging a positive outlook. I was fortunate to work with an amazing artist, by the name of Munro Te Whata, who brought these creations to life.

The cards were also created to display more diversity within the community.  The cards reflect a range of different characters, with no specific ethnic identification.  I have received positive feedback from the cards, with many students pointing out their connection to the character, either as reminding them as themselves, family member or a friend.  As a result, this connection creates more acceptance in participating in this fun exercise. 

The affirmations were based on a survey run by Youth Yoga, to capture the thoughts of the students when adopting the poses.  I asked them to choose which sentence to pair with a certain pose.  The affirmations were a direct result of how it made them feel, as this was the audience I wanted to connect with.  The affirmations are short and sharp, so there is no need to keep referring the to the card to remember the statement. 

The cards have a mixture of ‘easy’ and ‘tricky’ poses, to cater for all levels.  Students are encouraged to do their best and adapt where necessary.  This takes the pressure off being the best and encourages creativity, as well as copying.  If it is tricky, then make it work for you and what you feel comfortable with. 

With older children, including adults, this is a great resource to stimulate conversation, by reflecting on often ‘heavier statements’ such as “I always face challenges” or “I feel like I’m stuck”.  With these affirmations, you take the heavier statements and reframe the journey i.e “challenges help me grow”, “I keep moving forward”.  

The long-term goal of these cards, is to teach our youth, the power of words and the mind/body connection to those words.  Moving forward, they are able to set themselves up, to reframe when they need to.  

These cards have a variety of uses: 

  • Group setting game
  • Individual reflection “in the past what challenges helped you to grow?” “when have you had to keep moving forward?” by referencing back, it helps you to feel empowered to move forward. 
  • Setting an intention or theme for the day, for example “for today, I will allow any challenges that come my way, as an opportunity to allow me to grow”, “challenges help me grow”


With your pack of cards, you can play an awesome game with your students /children or friends. Place the cards with the affirmation side facing up, in a circle and have everyone stand behind a different card in the circle. Each person reads the affirmation in front of them either out loud, or in their mind and then flips the card over, to adopt the pose in front of them.

You can decide as a group, how long you will hold each pose 2secs, 5secs, 10 secs etc. Once the time is up, as a group everyone moves to their left side, to stand in front of a new pose and repeat as above, read and then flip over. Continue to move around the circle, until you return to the card you started with.

Pair this game, with some awesome music, to keep the mood upbeat and positive.

Remember to have FUN and do what feels comfortable for your body. If you have a tricky pose, interpret it according to your body and what it is comfortable with.

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